I’ve just bought a ticket for more then one person and I’ve received only one document!

The person whose name is visible on the ticket will be considered the ticket owner and that person will have the right to indicate his or hers companions during the ticket control. One ticket can be issued even for up to 6 Passengers.

On the top of the ticket (PDF version) there will be numbers next to the letters N and  U. N stands for a normal fare ticket and N stands for a discounted ticket and the number simply informs how many Passengers are using that kind of ticket.

Please do note that other Passengers then the ticket owner will not be asked for a personal ID but if any / all of them will be using any kind of discount that requires an additional document then they will be asked for that document.

For example – a child under the age of 4 can use a 100 % discount but a document confirming it’s age will be required during the ticket control.

One person can purchase a ticket for him/herself and his/hers companions for one train. But it is not possible to purchase multiple separate tickets for the same train. Not with one account that is.