Traveling with children.

Different Railroad Companies have made separate sets of rules regarding the topic of a discount for a child. In many cases a child will be entitled to a free of charge travel. Please note however that some Railroad Companies will require a special ticket to be acquired for such a  travel.

PKP Intercity

Any child under the age of 4 is entitled to a free of charge travel on board of any train belonging to the PKP Intercity – in the second class coach. Please keep in mind that you will need to include a child to the setup during the ticket purchase. It will have no impact on the total price but is necessary.

If you are traveling with children over the age of 4 also remember to mark that fact. KOLEO will recognize that if a group is made by 2-5 Passengers and at least one of them is under the age of 16 then a special offer – Family Ticket – can be used. In such a case every member of that group will get a 30 % price reduction – both for the first and second class.

Just please remember to bring with you some kind of ID for the child.

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