You can use KOLEO account to pay for the tickets.

You can use KOLEO account to pay for the tickets.

It is a form of a personal wallet.

There will be no need to pay individually for every new ticket – you can charge KOLEO account and use those funds馃槃

To charge your account up, use one of the following methods – the traditional post office transfer or the Internet one. Choose the amount transferred wisely – paying for tickets using the KOLEO account is possible only if gathered money is sufficient to pay.

Attention! Accounting takes up to two work days.

But if time is short then you can send me the confirmation of payment and I will haste the process.

You will find all the necessary information to use said method here:

If you haven’t yet then please change the language:

As I mentioned before – it may take up to two days for the confirmation to reach us. But if you will make a transfer and send me a message (address – with the confirmation included then I will charge your account manually within a few minutes.