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Discount for a Senior (person over 60 years old), and pensioner.

KOLEO system will automatically issue a proper discount on the basis of the age that was provided during the registry process or on the “PASSENGERS” bookmark https://koleo.pl/en/profile/passengers

That is all that one must do to use a 25 % REGIO Senior discount for a person over the age of 60. All you need to do is to provide the date of birth in one of the above mentioned way’s and choose “Normal ticket” for that person. Please keep in mind that the age factor is the only condition that must be met. So nationality is not an issue, nor is the possession of any special documents with the sole exception of some kind of ID that will allow to verify the age of the Traveler. One more issue – that discount will have an effect for the connections belonging to the POLREGIO sp. z o.o. company but may not have any effect in regards to the connection belonging to any other Railroad Company.


In accordance with the Table of Discounts and Reliefs which you can find here: https://pomoc.koleo.pl/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Ulgi-ustawowe-26-01-2023.pdf a pensioner is entitled to two journeys via polish railroads per year with the discount of 37 % but on the condition that such a person is a holder of a specific document. The full list of institutions that have the right to issue such a document can be found on the Table of Discounts and Reliefs (please see the line with the number 10) but it can be summarized that only a polish “pensioner” institution of one kind or another can grant that document. So it would be difficult (if not impossible) for a foreigner to acquire such a document.

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