Each passenger can take up to 3 pieces of hand luggage such as a suitcase, backpack, travel bag, briefcase, skis, snowboard, a package, a cardboard box, small household appliances. You can also transport free of charge:
– a wheelchair (or other similar device that is used by a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility),
– a stroller (on the condition that a person is traveling with the child),
– musical instruments, easels, large folders,
– folded and packaged in cover bicycle and child’s bike (two- or three-wheeled).

Hand luggage should be transported in such a way that it does not hinder the passage and does not disturb other travelers nor does it create any danger of causing harm to people or their possessions.

You will need tu purchase an additional ticket for luggage if you wish to bring with you:
– any easily portable item (except three pieces of hand luggage carried free of charge – so for example if you would bring onboard four such items ),
– wheelchair (when the disabled person does not use it during the journey),
– stroller (when the passenger travels without a child),
– large dimensions object (1 piece), for example – a bicycle trailer, foldable canoe, exercise bike, fridge, washing machine.

TLDR; Most of the time you don’t need to buy an additional ticket for luggage. You should buy an additional ticket for luggage if you plan to carry something bigger then a suitcase.

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