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How can I be sure that KOLEO will take into consideration my discount?

If you are the owner of an account created in KOLEO then the easiest way will be to visit bookmark “MY DATA” – https://koleo.pl/en/profile/my-data and simply mark the correct discount.

If however you need to purchase a ticket for someone else who has the right to use a discount then there are two ways to do that:

– Visit the bookmark “PASSENGERS” https://koleo.pl/profile/passengers and input the data set referring to every Passenger. The first letter of each person’s name and the first letter of that person surname will be visible on an icon representing said person (so for a person named John Doe the icon representing that person will have letters “JD” on it). You will be able to add and remove that person from and to the default Passenger set by simply clicking on such an icon.

– Use the “FIND YOUR CONNECTION” button on the https://koleo.pl/en/ after imputing the departure and destination stations and also choosing the date and preferred time of departure. Afterwards you will be presented with the list of possible connections and when you’ll point the cursor on the price regarding to a specific connection then the price will be replaced by the button “Buy a ticket”. Press that button to proceed and then you will be presented with the default set of Passengers. It will however be possible to add, remove and even create new entries. 

When you will reach the desired result then use the “Next” button. On the next screen you will have the option to add a ticket or tickets for bike, luggage or an animal companion. Then press the “Next” button once again, check the summary and (if everything is just as it should be) – pay for the ticket.

Easy 🙂

Zaktualizowano 28 maja 2018